Fumapest is a Termite Control & Pest Control Specialist company based in Australia. We Have Expertise Working in Termite & Pest Control Since 1985. Fumapest Pest Control is proud of our high success rate in the provision of pest and termite control services to tens of thousands of premises. We Also Provides Fully Insured with professional indemnity, public liability and workers compensation insurances, At Fumapest we never made a claim against its insurance cover for negligence or faulty workmanship.


·        We Have the best termite and Pest control technology in Australia

·        Unmatched expertise with more than 30 years professional experience in carrying out termite and Pest control services to thousands of Victorian homes.

·        The inspection includes all accessible timbers within the crawl space in the sub-floor, roof void, interior, exterior area, garden landscaping, fences and other timber structures trees in the locality.

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